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Sierra de Segura: Over the mountains and home

Posted by daveb on February 27th, 2008

To conclude our Andalucian road trip, we shunned the motorway in favour of the Sierra de Segura mountain pass. Whilst not on the scale of the roads in Switzerland — especially so as were we in a nippy Seat Leon [when compared with our camper van] — the drive was still very worthwhile, even if it took about three hours longer than I had anticipated. (Claire would disagree here: she felt travel-sick about thirty minutes in and just wanted the twists and turns to end.)

There’s not a lot going on in these mountains and we found ourselves trying to figure out what the locals do to fill their time. If our experience at the roadside cafe was anything to go by, it appears that open-mouthed staring at unwanted British tourists seems to be a popular choice.

Near the top of the range, right in the middle of nowhere we came across a farm shop proudly selling its Iberian ham, which is a delicacy over here. A handful of one inch squared carvings cost me five Euros, the whole leg can be had for about eight hundred; it’ll keep for at least a year.

After gobbing the posh ham sandwich, we eventually arrived back home to our apartment.

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