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Archive for September, 2007

Photo of The Week – 28th September 2007

September 28th, 2007

This was what was in the queue at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru in Brig, Switzerland:

St. Moritz: Yakking in a yoghurt pot

September 28th, 2007

St. Moritz is a lovely resort village. Or so I’m told. Sadly, I spent much of my time swilling-out Squiffy’s previous meals from a catering-sized yoghurt pot, as she suffered a migraine with hyperventilation with [suspected] altitude sickness in the Youth Hostel, which was across the pond from the town. Shame, poor Squiffy — after […]

Glacier Express: The slowest express train in the world

September 27th, 2007

To give Yoko a well deserved rest, we decided to take the twelve hour return-trip from Brig to St. Moritz aboard the Glacier Express — famed for being the slowest express train in the world. This was not going to be a cheap excursion for us: The tickets were 96 CHF each person, each way, […]

The Matchstick Speedometer

September 26th, 2007

The speedometer in our bus had stopped working. We decided to struggle on, as Swiss mehanics are bound to be expensive. Later that day, we had an ‘incident’ (*cough* stalled-it *cough*) on a steep incline in which we needed to perform a hill-start, with a generous application of handbrake. SQ pulled-up the handle and took […]

Leukerbad: Eye surgery appreciation

September 25th, 2007

Remember my laser eye surgery 6 months ago? Well, many times on this trip I have appreciated the fact that I no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses, or swap between glasses and sunglasses every time I go in a shop/cafe/etc. Today however, I really appreciated my new eyesight. This morning I was […]

Gruyeres: No time to type!

September 24th, 2007

I’ve got six minutes left on this free WiFi at McDonalds to write about the beautiful medieval village of Gruyeres, and upload the photos. So here are the sights in bullet-point form: HR Giger museum and bar Castle Bike race Really nice village — go visit it! :-) (I’m out of time, here are the […]

Moleson: An adventurous courtship (trekking in a skirt)

September 23rd, 2007

It wasn’t long after Dave and I had started dating that I went to his flat in Spain, along with family Bartlett who I met then for the first time. We joke now about a comment his mum made as she watched me taking Dave out in a small sinking sailing dinghy without a life […]

Broc: I feel sick!

September 22nd, 2007

Imagine this scenario. One sunny morning, after a gentle stroll in the mountains, you are unexpectedly presented with an unlimited, unrestricted and unsupervised supply of Swiss chocolate. Well that’s what happened to us. Ok, it wasn’t completely unexpected. We had taken a free tour of the Nestle-Callier chocolate factory, to see how the yummy stuff […]

Photo of The Week – 21st September 2007

September 21st, 2007

hmm….I don’t think these caravanners are here just for a night or two, do you?

Lausanne & Vevey: Five feet and ten seconds

September 21st, 2007

One year, when I was a kid, I had a bike for Christmas. I fell off it and have not gotten back on any bike since. Truth is, I’ve ‘happily’ driven a car at 130mph and ‘happily’ fallen out of an aeroplane approaching 120mph, but a bike at just 10mph was way too scary a […]