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Broc: I feel sick!

Posted by Squiffy on September 22nd, 2007

Imagine this scenario. One sunny morning, after a gentle stroll in the mountains, you are unexpectedly presented with an unlimited, unrestricted and unsupervised supply of Swiss chocolate. Well that’s what happened to us. Ok, it wasn’t completely unexpected. We had taken a free tour of the Nestle-Callier chocolate factory, to see how the yummy stuff is made. But when we got to the tasting room we anticipated being given the odd choccy or two before being whisked off to the shop to make a purchase. What greeted us instead was tray after tray of luxury swiss chocolates, all different shapes and sizes, with no-one around to monitor our consumption. Chocolate heaven. We didn’t gobble them down completely guilt free but I definitly ate enough to leave me feeling rather sick.

What with champagne tasting in France and chocolate chomping in Switzerland this trip is definitely turning out to be a treat for the tastebuds. For anyone wishing to visit the Callier factory you can find it in Broc, just north of Lake Geneva. Entry is free :o)

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