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How often will we post to this blog?

Posted by daveb on June 26th, 2007

We really hope to post between 3-5 entries a week. There’s little worse than a blog that starts-off with a thousand entries in the first fortnight and then just one post a month after that. Rather, we’ll be pacing our postings throughout the week.

Having said all of this, I want to ask you ahead of time, to bear with us if we miss a post every now and again. Whilst some areas may be perfectly kitted-out with cheap Internet cafes, other places may have nothing or, worse, charge exorbitant fees. In the latter situation, we may well choose to delay our post by a day or two to find somewhere more reasonable. We hope that this is OK with you?

Squiffy & I will take it rough turns to write posts (the authorship will be clearly marked within each entry) and will try not to write War and Peace-length articles — we understand that you have a life and probably don’t have an hour a day to read about somebody elses!

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