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Cup your hands

Posted by daveb on August 3rd, 2007

The breakfast table was a little busy on the second morning that we spent at the campsite. A great idea: We’re mobile, let’s take our bowls of muesli and some milk with us in the car. We’ll stop as soon as we find somewhere peaceful and with a nice view. Off we went.

Being on the Isle of Wight, it was only half an hour or so before we stumbled upon a cracking spot of natural beauty near Freshwater Bay, overlooking the sea and sailing boats. Lovely.

“SQ, you sit there love. I’ll make us breakfast; a nice bowl of muesli.” Right, good, this should win me back some points after the coffee incident (well, lack of it thereof).

Bowls… check. Muesli in bowls… check. Milk on muesli in bowls… check. Spoons… blast… no check. Stay calm, consider other options. There are other options. No forks either…

“SQ, how good are you at cupping your hands?”

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