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Auckland: Not a very warm welcome

Posted by daveb on March 25th, 2009

Cars are a pain in the bum in most cities, but as we’ve not yet hit the end of our pre-paid car hire agreement, we’ve decided to continue to camp in it a little way outside the city to get the maximum for our money. Once the hire term expires, we might move to an inner-city hostel or even a hotel should we need a few more days to explore. The nearest campsite to Auckland is in Avondale, just under ten kilometres away. And I’m sorry to report that it didn’t provide the warmest welcome either!

“Hello”, I beamed as I entered the office.
The lady stared at me in silence. And then stared a bit more. Just stared.
Great, I thought, we’re playing my favourite game of ‘who can stay silent the longest’, of which I am a master!
“Wot?”, her response, finally.
Taken aback, “warm welcome”, was my best response before requesting three night’s camping.

Later on, Squiffy asked a bookseller if he knew the way to a nearby landmark. “No (I’m not tourist information)”, was his first and final response.

The Kiwi’s are usually the friendliest of folk, but if this is an early indication of what to expect from the city, then you can keep it, mate.

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