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When the cat’s away…

Posted by daveb on January 25th, 2008

Bar Restaurant “Bir Bey” in Los Alcazares …the mice will play. And I am a mouse.

Squiffy recently went back to the UK for a couple of days, leaving me to make my own fun in Los Alcazares.

I spent the evening in the bar at Hotel 525 as, for the price of a coffee and three cervacas, I can use their wireless Internet connection on my laptop (Oh! How I miss broadband Internet at home!)  I’m planning a mini-roadtrip around the Andalucia region of Spain to take in the highly-rated cities of Granada, Cadiz, Seville and Cordoba, hopefully staying in a cave hotel near the Sierra Nevada mountain region and a rural Cortijo ranch as well. With a rumbling beer-belly and following a food recommendation by Angie, the excellent server at the hotel, I found myself on a mini-trek up the road to the Urban Oasis (read: English Street #2) and to the Bar Restaurant “Bir Bey” for a kebap (don’t tell Squiffy).

Oktay the kebapman Thanks to Oktay, kebapmeister-extraordinare, I got a whole lot more that I bargained for. The chicken doner was superb and the house plied my free beer and even a shot of Baileys as a parting gift. In an otherwise out-of-season tourist town, this place was packed — and I can see why!

If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve just discovered that kebaps are about the fattiest fast food one can buy, I’d be back for another and another and another. (Since writing this entry, I’ve had three more…)

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