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Photo of the Week – 24th August 2007

Posted by Squiffy on August 24th, 2007

daveb surf, well, sort of :o)

Squiffy's surfing expression. Doing slightly better and it was followed by a full-on stand - promise!

A couple of pics from daveb’s first (and my refresher) surf lesson in Woolacombe, North Devon. We both loved it but were aching the next day.


Comment from Chris Platonoff
Time: September 3, 2007, 11:09 am

Hello Claire and David
Have just brought tea up on a snazzy new tray – thank you Claire, but missed you this morning. Your peppermint tea’s gone cold. then i saw you surfing and it doesn’t look like Crystal Palace. How will we cope without you and, even worse, we can just click on and see you having a thoroughly good time as we trudge off to our lessons?
I don’t know either.
Have fun both of you,

Comment from daveb
Time: September 6, 2007, 11:20 am

Hi Chris!

It’s lovely to hear from you. I hope all is going well at school and it isn’t too manic. We need you here – our French is rubbish and we have to keep drawing things and doing wild hand gestures to get anyone to understand. Tell David you need to pop over and he can cover your lessons for a while ;o)

Do stay in touch and let me know what you’re all up to. I heard some of my students passed the FCE but I haven’t had emails from all of them yet. Was it a good year generally?

Best wishes, Claire

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