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Malcesine, Lake Garda: On the water

Posted by Squiffy on October 15th, 2007

Leaving an alpine Switzerland behind, we drove over the border into northern Italy, and at once the scenery changed. The vistas still included lakes and mountains, but palm trees and holiday makers created a more Mediterranean feel. Our first stop was at Malcesine on Lake Garda, a small town recommended by my parents (ta mum and dad).

We found a little campsite right by the old town and stayed for 3 nights: We have vowed to ‘do’ Italy at at slower pace than we did Switzerland. At first we were delighted to have a pitch among the shady fruit trees, but it soon became apparent that this was not such a good place for Yoko to be parked when the rotten fruit fell from the trees, landing and exploding on Dave’s towel and Yoko’s roof – see pics! Also, whatever they are, they are not good to eat. We tried and they tasted gross.

Malcesine is a maze of cobbled streets, with a waterfront, castle and lots of ice cream shops to keep Dave happy. On the first day we mooched, before having a picnic tea by the water as we watched the sun go down (much to the other holiday makers amusement). On the second day, as the wind was up, I took Dave out in a sailing dinghy. It was a really tippy thing, especially in the strong wind, and Dave did a fine job of rolling around in the bottom of the boat to balance it. I’ve re-named him ‘ballast Bartlett’. All was going well until about 40 mins in, when after several near misses and water pouring over the side, we capsized. No problem. I clambered onto the centreboard to right it, fell off, clambered on again, and got the boat upright. However, as ballast Bartlett climbed back in, the thing went over again. Doh! Eventually, after a lot of fun, we got it back to shore safe and sound.

Other highlights included a boat trip across the lake to Limone which is also a pretty town with good ice cream, and doing our washing in an easyjet-coloured, computerised laundrette.

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