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Italian logic

Posted by daveb on November 1st, 2007

We went into an Italian Cybercafe to use the Internet today. Here’s their price list:

15 minutes 1.50 Euro
30 minutes 2.50 Euro
1 hour 3 Euro
2 hours 5 Euro
and so forth…  

We used the connection for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I approached the counter to pay.

“You’ve been one and a half hours”, said the lady.
“Ok”, I thought, “fine. She’s going to charge me for two hours”.
“That’s 5.50 Euro.”

I paid and returned to SQ, who was packing-up.

“Wait a minute”, I thought, “two hours was 5 Euros” and so I went back to the counter.

“I think there’s been a mistake, you charged me 5.50 when two hours is 5 Euros…?” I enquired.
“No mistake. 1 hour is 3 Euro plus 30 minutes at 2.50 Euro makes 5.50 total.”, came back the explanation.

I stalled as my brain tried to make sense of her logic.
“But that’s crazy, two hours is cheaper than one and a half?!”, I protested.
“Yes, I know, it’s crazy…”
“So I can stay an extra 30 minutes and you will refund me 50 cents?!”
“Yes, that’s fine.”

Squiffy stayed for a further half an hour watching Internet paint dry. The Cybercafe lady gave me 50 cents back and looked at me as if I was crazy.

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