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Introducing daveb to Dartmouth

Posted by Squiffy on August 24th, 2007

After Dartmoor, we drove about 1 1/2 hours South East ish to Dartmouth, where I spent many holidays as a child on our family boat. Here we are lucky enough to be a renting a friend’s holiday flat, so we have a break from camping for a few days.

The flat is actually on the Kingswear side of the River Dart, and it is a fun ride on the ferry to get to Dartmouth town centre on the opposite bank. The town is a pretty mix of upmarket shops and cafes, set around a square dock and along the river front. There are steep hills either side of the river with brightly coloured houses overlooking the water.

On our first day here we pottered around the shops and just enjoyed the views. In the evening we took the car ferry then drove along some very hairy single track coastal lanes with 20 mph spped limits to get to the Start Bay Inn in Torcross. The Inn is famous for its fish and chips. Having sampled them, we can confirm they are both delicious and enormous.


Comment from Sista
Time: August 26, 2007, 1:52 pm

I think daveb might have been ‘introduced’ to Dartmouth quite a while back on a family holiday back in the 80s? Remember Wavey? I think this is the place where Mum and Dad stuck us on a ‘learn to sail’ course with some blonde student instructor dude to get rid of us for a few hours?

Speaking of sailing, I capsized my boat on Friday. I misjudged a turn, the boom swung into my forehead and knocked me clean off the boat. Unfortunately my forehead is obviously so powerful that I somehow took the boat (and Peter) with me, and over we went. A few scary Titanic-style minutes later and we’d righted it and got us both back on it (only Allah knows how). We won 3 of of the 4 races though. Then I went and spoilt it by throwing up YET AGAIN despite taking anti-nausea pills. Two days later and I am black and blue, have a egg-shaped lump on my forehead and can’t hold a pen due to some weird right arm muscle strain.

In the style of Facebook, ‘Sarah is… currently re-thinking her nautical ambitions’.


PS – good to see that you have also inherited the ‘can’t surf for toffee’ Bartlett family genes :-)

Comment from daveb
Time: August 26, 2007, 3:57 pm

Umm… I thought that we ‘learnt’ to sail in Salcombe, not Dartmouth…?

Crikey… your boating experience sounds horrific. Why is it that we Bartlett’s always end up with broken wrists, snapped achilles tendons, bruised heads, penny coins stuck up nostrils, lego men in stool, etc.?

PS: Squiffy banged her head on a dingy boom yesterday. It brought tears to her eyes, although nothing like your experience!

Steady-on with the surfing comment – it was only my first go! Plus, the camera man was ne’er to be seen when I balanced.

Kepps up the vomiting!

Comment from martian
Time: August 27, 2007, 1:00 am

Dave – can you ask your sista to start her own blog because her comments are tantalisingly teasing…

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