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I can never think of the right words

Posted by daveb on November 22nd, 2007

How am I suppossed to compete with that?Last night, The Squifter and I played Scrabble. This is the first time that either us had played this game in many, many years. Working with computers may pay a a fair bit more than English teaching, but it doesn’t help one iota when playing a real-world board game. Imagine watching a chess-master playing two short, thick planks of wood, and you’ll get the picture. I had difficulty mustering anything over three-letters (she even allowed me the word ‘bra’–five points–to speed up play) and spent the entire evening throwing cheap wine down my neck in a excuse to blame my pathetic results on alcohol.

It goes without saying that I got absolutely thrashed at the game by my dear girlfriend. How was I ever supposed to come back after she played her first word, using all seven letters available on her rack, scoring seventy points?

I’m going to code a Scrabble-helper program on my computer before we play again…


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Time: November 26, 2007, 1:12 pm

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