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How are we funding it?

Posted by daveb on June 23rd, 2007

I’ve a man of simple tastes and have worked really hard over the last 8 years for this opportunity. Rather than spraying the walls of nightclubs with Cristal, I’ve been steadily squirrelling away what little scraps of cash I can, here and there, into my aptly named Foxtrot Oscar fund.

Squiffy is a top-flight TEFL* English Teacher to foreign language students and so is planning to supplement our travel fund by standing at the front of a class of eager learners.

When all else fails, I’ll get off my bottom and do some work too — whatever it takes.

* Not to be confused with Teflon, which is something altogether different and often attributed to some business folk who have mastered the art of avoiding responsibility in any given situation. You know who you are. :-)

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