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Have we travelled before?

Posted by daveb on June 22nd, 2007

daveb says:

Not massively, no; although in 2004 I drove an anti-clockwise loop around the US in a 36-foot motorhome with my great friend Martian and my [now ex-]girlfriend Tina. Somewhat curiously, I came home without a girlfriend and Martian came home with a wife! We were hardcore backpackers right up to about day four, at which point we unpacked our bags into the wardrobes in the bedrooms of the motorhome and spent three months “camping” American-style!

Oh yeah, and I also did a nine-day tour of north-east Spain with my buddy Doogan. We did the hostel thing for about three nights and then I remember pulling out the Barclaycard and then insisting on a minimum of four-star hotels from thereon.

My, how things are going to be different this time! (We shall see.)

Squiffy says:

In 2000, I toured the world for twelve months through Africa, Asia, Australasia, North America and Canada. It was backpacking all the way, although now I’m a little bit older I wonder whether the foreign toilets will be even less appealing today than then were seven years ago?

I’ve also been lucky to have many exotic holidays with my family throughout my childhood.

This time around, I’m looking forward to adding passport stamps for South America and more of Asia.

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