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Gotthardpass: Auf weidersan Switzerland!

Posted by daveb on October 9th, 2007

Even with a faulty-spark, making for an even-more underpowered vehicle than usual, coupled with regular stalling, the Gotthardpass was still one heck of a drive. Hairpin after hairpin with ear-popping changes in altitude. I’m not convinced that Yoko enjoyed the drive as much as I did.

Believe it or not, many of these mountains were hollowed-out during the Second World War to give the Swiss folk a safe haven in which to take cover amongst the impassable mountains. Innocuous doorways mark the entrance to these vast underground networks. One human warren has been converted to an unmarked swanky hotel and we managed to find it, although not without knocking on the wrong door first. I spotted a ‘hidden’ door and pulled-over. I should have realised that perhaps this was not a hotel when pressing something resembling a doorbell set-off a military-style air-raid siren deep below our feet. Squiffy had a mini-panic and firmly requested that we returned to the car immediately. After peering into the behind-the-mesh-door darkness for a while, I gave up and turned to walk back towards the car. I noticed the binoculared-eyes of a man in a parked car a little down the road follow my every footstep. No doubt he is reading this blog. (If so: Sorry if I woke your platoon by accident…)

We identified the hotel a little bit further on and called them to see if we could get in for a drink. Unfortunately, as we hadn’t made a reservation we were politely turned-down. Shame.

Still, all a bit James Bond hey?


Comment from Sista
Time: October 9, 2007, 2:19 pm

Hi Wavey,

I am reading (and enjoying) your blogs. It’s just that everytime in the last few weeks I have tried to write you a comment it has rejected them. Some kind of error.

So am trying again.

Sorry to hear you are cold & that Yoko is suffering. It’s dropped to 40 degrees here now and is LOVELY. Went on my first field trip last week with the Emirates Natural History Group (yep have joined the rock-spotters) and held my first spiny desert lizard. So cool. There were 110 of us for sea-swimming and dinner on the beach.

Come on over any time.

Comment from daveb
Time: October 11, 2007, 1:15 pm

Hi Sista,

Sorry that you’ve had problems making comments recently. Obviously it’s a problem in the UAE…! (Only joking — drop me an e-mail next time it happens and I’ll get my website hoster to check what was going on at that date/time.)

Luv, Bruv.

Hi Sarah
We may take you up on that offer of a visit. We’re considering northern Africa and Middle East as a destination after Europe – we’ll keep you posted. Claire x

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