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Cork: An Irish wedding

Posted by daveb on December 13th, 2007

The big day for Ben and Aileen has arrived! I’m happy to report that the bride turned-up at the church, albeit nearly half-an-hour late and, aside from getting absolutely drenched by a rainstorm during the beach photo-shoot, all went really well.

I gave the “big speech” that I (and a couple of silent co-writers — thanks to them) had been working on for the best part of a month and I’m very pleased to tell you that it was really well received. I can hardly remember standing up and speaking at all! (Must have been the nerves.)

The wedding reception continued well into the night, in fact I learnt that some folks had been up all night and still up drinking at 8am the next day…!

SQ and I packed our bags and drove through the constant rain back to Cork airport to take us back to sunny Spain.


Comment from Beno
Time: December 17, 2007, 11:17 pm

Great photos! Glad to hear you got back to sunny Spain OK – Cork was a scortching day
on Monday, believe it or not!

Aileen and I had the best day of our lives. Thanks for all your support and hard work over the last
couple of months – absolutely perfect.

Enjoy the sun – ‘hi!’ to SQ!

Mr & Mrs Wood

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