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Bay of Islands: Soooo excited

Posted by Squiffy on March 19th, 2009

Well, I promised to write something nice today, so it’s lucky we have arrived in the Bay of Islands, a place for which I have genuine enthusiasm. The sun is out, I’ve just eaten a big ice cream and we have a week of water-based activities planned. First up tomorrow, which I’m very excited about, we are chartering our own yacht for two days. All around the world we’ve looked for yachts to hire, and, until now, have found nothing. Happily for us, the price is good and the weather forecast is even better. Although perhaps I shouldn’t get too excited, the boat is only 20ft in length so will be like a dinghy with a roof. Plus, I’ve just looked at the charts for the area and it looks like scary navigation — lots of rocks and shallow water to avoid. Eek.

If we survive that and haven’t spent all our money on boat repairs or sea rescue, then we are planning to dive on two wrecks (hopefully not the wreck of our yacht), and Dave will be doing his PADI Advanced diving course, to allow him to go to wreck depths. That is, assuming the predicted cyclone doesn’t hit before the weekend.

So, all’s good. Apart from the bank balance of course. Tally Ho chaps!

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