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And we’re off!

Posted by daveb on July 25th, 2007

Leaving the Palace in Goj We always knew that driving away from the flat for the last time would be a bit weird. Our plans to tour Britain before going further afield would mean that there would be no airport, harbour or train station; as is usually associated with a Big Trip. Rather, we’d just pack a few bags into the car and drive for a bit.

And that’s exactly how it went. The tenants arrived, and with a shake of the hands we jumped into Goj (our car) and began to drive what looked like our well-known route Croydon. No great shakes there. Then, Shirley (our SatNav) directed us down a road which we seldom go — towards Epsom, Surrey, to stay with our friends Scott, Elaine and Lee.

Granted, staying in an enormous Surrey house complete with swimming pool and Aston Martin is hardly roughing-it from day one but really we need a little time somewhere comfortable to uncoil from the move-out from Crystal Palace.

First day of our trip. Squiffy sleeps. So what did we do on our very first night of our world tour? Did we go and sight-see every tourist attraction within a fifty mile radius? Did we hit the local town and crawl from pub-to-pub? Did we at least sit down with our hosts and enjoy an evening of fine wine and good conversation? In fact, we did none of these. Within moments of arriving Squiffy went straight to bed, leaving me to stare out of the window for a while.

Thanks very much to Scott and Elaine for their hospitality!

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