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About the site

WARNING! The following information may bore you if you are not into geeky things!

WordPress blog software runs the main site engine; this is the magic piece and I take my hat off to the developers. Numerous plugins have been used to extend the core-functionality

The template is a modified version of Andreas Viklund’s excellent WP-Andreas01 template. Kudos to Mr. Viklund: I’ve spent many evenings trying to get my head around how to make WordPress templates.

The photo gallery is a straight-forward Google Picasa Web album. I spent a serious amount of time attempting to integrate Menalto’s Gallery2 into the blog software using the WPG2 plugin. After tearing my hair out for a while, I decided that I would “outsource” this feature to another provider — after all, The World is Flat.

Last but certainly not least: Big thanks to Mark at for all his help with the setup and and for hosting the site on his company’s super fast co-located web servers.