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About Squiffy

by daveb

The Squifter is a beautiful laydee of middle-England descent, born the year that Margaret Thatcher came into governmental power. Whilst originally from the inland, Squifts has been making her way towards the coast where she truly belongs. A qualified Day Skipper and PADI open water diver, she is at her best when at the helm of a yacht or diving amongst the little fishies.

SQ is classically trained as a psychologist and researcher and spent many years within the eating disorders field. A few years ago, she retrained as an English for Foreign Language (EFL) teacher as a precursor to this adventure — so that she can help people to learn English as we move around. Squiffs has been teaching English professionally in London to gain useful experience to take with her.

SQ is hugely passionate about travelling and discovering new experiences, whilst also enjoying the simple pleasures in life. She is both glamorous and feminine whilst being completely down-to-earth and tomboy-ish too. She is much loved by her family, friends and, of course, me.

I have a lot to learn from Squiffy and look forward to sharing this experience with her (and you, dear reader).


  • Holidays, travel and adventure.
  • Sailing, diving and all things water bound.
  • Adventure sports. Will try most things, although not bungee jumping nor skydiving (yet…).
  • All things girly. Little things. Cute things.
  • Having a plan.


  • Olives.
  • Fish.
  • Annoying children.
  • DIY.
  • “Likes and Dislikes” sections.

Groovy bits

  • Is motivated to make good things happen. Organises well.
  • High level of emotion allows her to experience things to the fullest.
  • Has little fear in situations where others (i.e. me) would be crapping themselves.
  • Provides a unsurpassed level of love, care and affection to people, leaving them feeling really special.

Bits that need to be ‘managed’ (all bits are groovy)

  • Mood is often affected by the weather; Britain (in a tent) will be a great training ground to establish the limits of her calm.
  • Questionable stamina over sustained periods; we’ll need to ensure that sleep and food are available at the first signs of tiredness. We’ve worked out the following equation: Tiredness + No Food = Grumpysaurus
  • Dodgy immune system; susceptible to infection purely by looking at someone the wrong way.
  • Is the proud owner of a large emotional scale; high as a kite when things are good, ??? when not.

Previous travel experience

  • 12 month gap year adventure with previous boyfriend. Been there, seen it, done it…
  • More recently, a two week tour of various Filipino hospitals with a serious bout of amoebic dysentery interrupted with fits of dehydration. Most memorable quote: “Ohmygod. Another hour and we’d all be dead!”

Most used phrases

  • Polar-scale expressions run rife: “You never <blank> <blank> <blank>!”, “You always <blank> <blank>.”

Top five wants for this trip

  • Become an accomplished surfer.
  • Drive a 4×4 across the sand dunes in Namibia.
  • See the marine iguanas on the Galapagos Islands.
  • Teach English to Buddhist Monks.
  • Visit New Zealand and white water raft grade 5s whilst there.
  • Work in Dubai. (OK, that’s six but this is so hard!)